4.2 Controlled Signals
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The controlled signals normally show 'danger' aspect (RED) and are controlled by the train controllers. They have a square number plate and their mast and base are painted with red and white stripes.

4.2.1 High Controlled Signal

The high controlled signals control and guide the trains into the yard. These signals will normally have two units of three aspects in line. The upper unit corresponds to the main line and the lower unit corresponds to the immediate loop line. Some high controlled signals will also have, below the second unit, a third unit of one aspect (AMBER).  These are found at the points where there are more than one turn out. The second unit have a speed restriction of 48 km/h and the third unit has 16 km/h. The meanings of the aspects are given below.

RED Danger ; Stop
AMBER over RED Going on main line; starter not given
RED over AMBER Going on loop line; starter not given
GREEN over RED Going on main line; starter given
RED over GREEN Going on loop line; starter given
In three unit signals
RED over RED over AMBER  Caution; more than one turn out

4.2.2 Dwarf Controlled Signal

Dwarf controlled signals may have one unit of two or three aspects. They are used as exit (starter) signals, where there is a general speed restriction.


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