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⿈  ެ . ޶ . N Dynamic Fonts. ެ 般 ܬ ܉ ⿈  ܬ.  

މ N TrueDoc G. O Web Font Player HTML Dyanmic Font file ܬ A N A.  The Web Font Player (a binary file) will be downloaded on the first time and get installed as a plug-in to the browser.  Again, this happens hands free, but, with client's consent to install a plug-in.

ܶ O .  Q ⿈O , Dynamic Font  K .  F M (ܙ M) ⿈ K𴋫 M ޼ ެ O URL .   F MK ⿈ 裬 KM. 

Dynamic font files are created using the Web Font Wizard supplied by TrueDoc.  You have to supply the URLs that will be using the fonts created and the *.ttf file of the desired font.  The catch is, the Wizard will allow you to convert only 10 fonts free of charge.  After that you have to purchase and register the software.  But for any academic or non-commercial use, 10 number of fonts are more  than enough.

HK F K.  ⿶ .  ܬ 𣘊 ...


CP ެ G މ N TrueDoc G K A e A A.. P 𣼜  W FA. ޶ W3C 󣆮 N Internet Explorer 6.0 A PH.

(N裆 )



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R. Jayanthan
Last updated on 01 January, 2002