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Sri Lanka

Hello Railway Enthusiast,

Welcome to my site of Railway Signaling. During one of my undergrad training, I was attached to the Signal and Telecommunication Department of the Sri Lanka Railways.  It was  amazing to learn how a set of simple engineering techniques put together form the bottom line safety gear of the railways.  Believe me; no Differential Equations or Discrete Cosine Transforms!  Just relays, sensors, power supplies and of course signal heads.  Yes, it is a centaury old system, but, still serves its purpose.

Following are the elements of signaling as used in Sri Lanka Railways.

1. Introduction
2. Track Circuit
3. Relays
3.1 Types of Relays
4. Signals
4.1 Automatic Signals
4.2 Controlled Signals
4.3 Call-on Signal
4.4 Typical Signal Layout
5. Moter Points
6. Gate barriers
7. Automatic Blocking System
7.1 Route Establishment
7.2 Train on Line
7.3 Release of Route


R. Jayanthan
Last updated on 01 January, 2002